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Heidi's Hope Fundraiser

A personal campaign sponsored by In Memory of Heidi Schlumpf

September 8, 2023


While Heidi understood the gravity of the situation she found herself in, she felt that she had time left to help.  While Heidi is no longer with us, she did so much with the little time she had left. 

Heidi’s Hope is about the future, a future free of the pain she and her family and friends endured while she undertook her cancer journey, and afterwards.  For those of us who remain, we have so much time to do something special. With your support, London Health Sciences and Heidi’s doctor, Dr. Raphael and his team will undertake a program with focused research efforts on triple negative cancer directly. 

To learn more about Heidi’s journey, CLICK HERE

“Let’s do this!” – Heidi


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