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Have you registered in or are you considering participating in a run, extreme athletic competition or endurance event? Are you testing what your body is capable of? Put your endurance to the test? Challenging your endurance. No limits to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. The body is powerful and can endure a lot. Why not raise some money while you are getting fit?

Ideas to get you started:

Tough Mudder
Runs: 5k, 10K, Half marathon, Full marathon
Mountain Climbing

STEP ONE: Create your personalized fundraising page

STEP TWO: Chose the hospital program you would like to support

STEP THREE: Customize your page, share it and let the fundraising begin!




"I decided to run my first ever half marathon, to raise awareness for esophageal cancer, the type my Dad had both recently and suddenly been diagnosed with. Although I would have given anything to have my Dad meet me at the finish line that day, the outpouring support from my family, friends and community was and continues to be unbelievable. Running that race gave me the strength for today, hope for tomorrow and faith in what’s to come." - Nicole


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