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Dale E. Creighton

In his earlier days, savvy businessman Dale E. Creighton was a passionate and gifted athlete, but his aggressive
running style also led to 13 concussions during his time playing football. Back in the 1950s, our understanding of
concussions wasn’t what it is today. No one considered the long-term ramifications of all those collisions. Years
later, Dale started forgetting things. His behaviour changed. 

Thankfully, his family noticed these signs, and together, they embarked on a journey perhaps larger than any of
them anticipated: the scientific exploration of the human brain. Sadly, Dale passed away in 2017, but recognizing
the importance of early detection with regards to his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, the Creighton family
helped spearhead the creation of the DECBB, allowing Dale’s determination to live on.

Dale wanted to do everything in his power to ensure others may be spared a similar fate. His foresight will become
a legacy long remembered for helping piece together the puzzle leading to the early treatment and prevention of
neurodegenerative diseases for future generations.

In honour of the founding donor, Dale E. Creighton, the London Brain & BioBank has been named the Dale E.
Creighton Brain & BioBank.

Matthew Creighton | Steering Committee

A third-generation Londoner, Matthew Creighton was raised believing in the importance of giving back to the
community. As someone dedicated to making a difference, he has been heavily involved in a number of
organizations aimed at cognitive research and wellbeing.   Matthew is currently Vice Chair of the London Health
Sciences Foundation Board of Directors, Chair of the LHSF Governance and Nomination Committee and a
member of the LHSF Executive committee. His passion for advancing our understanding of neuroscience and
neurogenerative disorders has resulted in his enthusiastic support of the Dale E. Creighton Brain & BioBank.

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