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Minds for Change - Mental Health Month 2020

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Imagine always feeling restless, or constantly having panic attacks. What about always feeling hopeless and having low self-esteem? Both mood and anxiety disorders can have profound effects on patient q

uality of life, especially without treatment. Most mental illness starts before age 25; yet this group experiences the largest gap in services.


With a five-month waitlist and lack of space, FEMAP is in urgent need of expansion. Minds for Change is raising much-needed funds to help FEMAP move into a new location and increas

e their staff complement.

Although Minds for Change has been postponed, it is clear that FEMAP still needs our support! That is why, during the month of May (mental health awareness month), we are seeking donations to keep FEMAP running and help them



Join us today and make a gift in support of the First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (FEMAP).

For more inspiration, watch Tandra's video below.




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