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Chaddy Boom's Kidney Party

A personal campaign sponsored by Chad Gibbons


My Story!

Back in 2000 I started to not feel well. I went to my family doctor and he told me I was in Kidney failure. I was only born with one kidney so this was a really serious issue that needed me to go on dialysis soon after my diagnosis. So I did peritoneal dialysis for about a year and then I had got one too many infections in the Peritoneal cavity so I had to switch over and start hemodialysis. 

While on dialysis I got a call in Feb 2002 and it was for a kidney transplant. I got down there and I did not accept the kidney and never had the surgery that day (long story). Back on dialysis I went, I thought I would be on dialysis forever. But on Aug 17th, 2002 I got the call that would change my life. They had a kidney for me it was a perfect match. I graciously accepted it and went down and had the surgery. 

There have been a few bumps in the road these past 19 years but I am still here and kicking and getting to do really cool things and make memories with my family like the picture above (2019).   

In 2012 my family and I started the Chaddy Boom’s Kidney Party to raise funds for London Health Sciences Centre's Multi-Organ Transplant Program and to raise awareness for Organ Donation. Each year we do a Pasta dinner in September. Last year, due to the pandemic we made the difficult decision to cancel the event and host an online fundraiser instead. We raised over $12,000! . To date we have raised over $81,000 for LHSC's Multi-Organ Transplant Program.

Again this year we have chosen to not have a physical event and to keep the online fundraiser. Don't worry we will be back in 2022!

If you would still like to support the Multi-Organ Transplant Program, click on the "Support Me" button above.

Thank you!



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