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The Archie & Irene Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre

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For many patients with advanced forms of cancer, prognoses are usually grim. The race against time is a constant battle, with little hope of overcoming the inevitable. But it’s not only patients with cancer who must face these questions of mortality sooner than perhaps expected. People living with genetically complex diseases like epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, or developmental disabilities can also find themselves in similar situations: enduring what they can until the burden becomes too much to bear. 

Considering no two people are the same, a patient’s genetic make-up is the key to unlocking more possibilities in their treatment journey. The Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre - a first of its kind in Canada - will have the unprecedented ability to more accurately diagnose patients, predict the progress of their disease and provide highly targeted and personalized treatment options for those in need. The Centre will have an impact on countless patients locally, nationally and around the globe who have complex diseases linked to genetics. Benefitting LHSC patients and families first, this new Centre will offer state-of-the-art genetic diagnostics to enable personalized treatment options, better care and hope for a brighter future.



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