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Celebrate a Birthday

Create a page

Did you know your birthday can help patients?


In lieu of traditional birthday gifts, ask family and friends to donate and

make a difference in the lives of patients and their families at London Health Sciences Centre.


Hosting a birthday fundraiser is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP ONE: Create your personalized fundraising page

STEP TWO: Share it on social media and email!

STEP THREE: Feel good! You're making a difference




"I decided to donate my money to help with COVID-19 because I have had a rough time, but I know health care workers have it a lot worse. I chose this hospital because my aunt works there." - Emily 

"One of my relatives had cancer, so I understand how important it is to have support during treatment. Seeing friends and family donate to help patients at LRCP was the best birthday gift I could have received" - Courtney

"I like helping other people, I always have. So I'm glad that even if they don't know me, I'm still helping somebody." - Kendra

"I didn't tell my parents about pledging my birthday. Then when my first few friends arrived and gave donations, my parents were in tears. They were going through so much, and were finally happy about something" Alex




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