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Meet Elinor

"My journey with multiple myeloma began with a series of rashes. After three years, my doctor identified the very early stages of multiple myeloma. It is the shock of one’s life to learn they have cancer.

To combat the cancer, I went through a year-long stem cell transplant process. Two years later, the cancer began to return. Based on the poor survival rate for people with multiple myeloma, I chose to make some lifelong changes including retiring from my job so I could reduce stress and focus on recovery. I gave myself the time to rest, exercise and look after myself.

Four years after my stem cell transplant, I began a new treatment which is working but comes with side effects: sleepless nights, type two diabetes, fatigue and bowel issues. I also live with the rashes that appear based on the state of my cancer, aide’s pupils and Raynaud’s phenomenon.

I accept these issues as part of my cancer journey and am grateful for each day I feel well and that the treatment controls my cancer. It's a lifelong battle.

I support the Myeloma Walk of Champions by raising funds to ensure research continues. Treatment programs appear to have a lifespan, after which they become less effective. My life and that of other multiple myeloma patients depends on identifying new treatments. The lifespan and quality of life for all multiple myeloma patients depends on it."

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