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After being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the young age of 20, Dylan was faced with a long journey ahead. With a survival rate of 5 per cent, multiple surgeries, and chemotherapy, Dylan also had the additional stress of the countless medical expenses that come along with a cancer diagnosis.

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When you're dealing with a newly diagnosed illness, having loved ones to lean on can make all the difference. And that is exactly what Lukasz did when he was diagnosed with psychosis. Thanks to his family, friends and the Patient Assistance Fund, Lukasz says his life is back on track.

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In the fall of 2017, at just 52 years old Lynne suffered from a major heart attack. She found herself reeling from the traumatic experience of the heart attack itself, open-heart surgery, hospitalization, and the financial burden that comes along with recovering at home. 

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At the young age of 31, Melissa was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. As an active new mom to a healthy baby daughter, Melissa didn't have the means to support her growing family and the burden of her cancer-related medical expenses.

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When Robert was younger, he never thought he would be affected by mental illness. So, when Robert was diagnosed with Psychosis, it was a huge shock. Not only did he have to navigate the complexity of his illness, he now needed to think about how his diagnosis could affect him financially.

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