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 While out on your walk, see if you can locate and take photos of the following items through your neighbourhood. Be sure to send us photos and let's see which participant can find the most items!

  • a selfie with you and a dog
  • a selfie with you and a cat
  • a fire hydrant
  • a purple flower
  • red bricks
  • you or someone you know riding a bike
  • you or someone you know holding 5 pinecones
  • a swimming pool
  • a stop sign
  • a round-about
  • a golf club (bonus if it is a picture of you or someone you know playing golf)
  • something fluffy
  • something shiny
  • something or someone you love
  • a man wearing a hat
  • an arrow sign
  • a flag on a flagpole
  • a canoe or kayak (bonus for a picture of both)
  • a pool noodle
  • a tall building
  • a city bus
  • a firetruck or ambulance or police car (bonus for two or all three)
  • an airplane in flight
  • a red sports car
  • a birdhouse or bird’s nest (bonus for both)
  • a “for sale” sign
  • someone waving
  • the number 3
  • your reflection
  • a live insect or spider
  • a sidewalk crack
  • a street sign beginning with the letter H or N or A or C (bonus for two or more)
  • a piece of outdoor art
  • an outdoor vegetable garden
  • a Canada Goose
  • ducks in a pond or river
  • someone shooting a water gun
  • someone shooting a basketball into a net
  • a selfie of you standing outside the public library in your neighbourhood


Please note* This scavenger hunt is not compulsory to participate in Head & Neck Above Cancer. Please practice safe distancing while hunting and do not take any risks in order to obtain these photos!

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