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1. What is a LHSF DIY Fundraiser?

A DIY Fundraiser is an initiative that allows the public to raise funds for a cause that is near and dear to their heart on their own. LHSF’s DIY Fundraising is open to anyone and everyone who has a passion for supporting health care initiatives at London Health Sciences Centre.

Anyone can set up a DIY Fundraiser to support LHSC. Do you love to run? Great! Run however far you can and challenge your network to support your cause. Absolutely anything you can think of can be made into a fundraising opportunity - it is really that easy. This is a great way to utilize your skills, knowledge and passions to support a great cause.

2. How does a LHSF DIY Fundraiser work?

Step 1: Choose what type of fundraiser you would like to do

Step 2: Choose the hospital program you would like to support

Step 3: Create your online fundraising page

Step 4: Spread the word

3. Is it free to register a LHSF DIY Fundraiser?

Yes, it is completely free! When you’re ready to get started, register your fundraiser here

4. Where will the money I raise go?

That is up to you! You get to choose what fundraising priority you would like to support. For more on fundraising priorities click here.

5. Can I personalize my fundraising page?

Of course! Make sure you include your story that tells your potential donors why you are fundraising, what you are fundraising for and what you are doing to fundraise! Tell others about your personal connection to the cause. Don’t forget to upload a profile picture too!

6. Is there a minimum fundraising goal for a DIY Fundraiser?

Absolutely not. You can raise $100 or $10,000. Every little bit helps! You are able to set your goal and edit it at any time.

7. Should I set up a LHSF DIY Fundraiser or participate in a LHSF Fundraising event?

You can do either or both!

DIY Fundraisers offer more flexibility and the ability to create a custom fundraiser based on your interests, skills and passions. Let your talents and passions drive your fundraiser. DIY Fundraisers also allow you to support LHSF at any time and in any place so they are convenient to your schedule. The possibilities are endless.

8. What fundraising tools are available to me?

  • Personal Fundraising Page

    • Dynamic dashboard to help you manage your fundraising campaign, including personal and team fundraising statistics

    • Templated fundraising emails

    • Livestream Capabilities – broadcast in live to share with your audience and raise funds in real time

  • Suggested Fundraising Ideas (link)

  • DIY Fundraising Toolkit (link)

  • Badges for achieving fundraising milestones

  • Support of our Community Events team Get in touch with any questions you might have!

9. How Do I Get Started?

It's easy, just register your DIY Fundraiser here.

10. When can I create a DIY Fundraiser?

Anytime! The best part of DIY Fundraising is that it is flexible to suit your needs. Whenever. However.

11.  Who do I contact if I have questions?

Our Community Events team would love to help you! Email us at

12. Is LHSF able to issue receipts for my fundraiser?

Great news! All online donations $20 or more will be automatically receipted. All you need to do is thank your donors for supporting your fundraiser.

13. Can I set up a Facebook fundraiser to go along with my DIY Fundraising?

Your don't need to set up a Facebook fundraiser. Your Fundraising Page will look after everything for you. Just have your donors make donations to your personal page and we will look after the receipting for you.

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